Beautiful coffee table book – Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam

This beautiful coffee table book is a companion to an exhibition of the same name at the British museum from 26 Jan to 15 April 2012.

I first read this book in May 2012. Rereading this today on the day of The Haj 2019 this is still one of the best coffee table books on the Haj. In this book you find the history, the voices of pilgrims and the material culture associated with the Haj.

The articles are by top experts in the Islamic field. The objects in the book are from the British museum and from loans from other countries. The pictures are of the highest quality. The text of a good font size. This is a book to savour for every Haj festival. For readers keen on a deeper knowledge of The Haj, I highly recommend The Hajj by FE Peters

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