A sad human tragedy – Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania

The sinking of the Lusitania, a greyhound of the transatlantic, by a German U-boat on 1 May 1915 during World war one is well-known to war buffs and naval aficionados. But what is not well known is, did it cause the US to enter the war against Germany? Why did the British Admiralty which was tracking the German U-boat fail to alert the Lusitania? Was it deliberate to tilt US to enter the war? Should the captain of the U-boat be admired or loathed for this attack? Was the captain of the Lusitania culpable for the sinking?

Of 1959 passengers and crew only 764 survived. The deaths were 1195. Of 33 infants, only 6 survived. Among the dead were 123 Americans. { p 300 Broadway paperback 2016 Ed}.

All these questions are answered in this exciting book. Larson has done his research well. His book is exciting. He explains the scientific concepts well. The conversation with Larson at the end of the book is also very illuminating. I wish more publishers will have this Extra Libris supplement in their books. It adds to the enjoyment.

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