Beautiful – The Tale of Genji: A Visual Companion

This is a beautifully illustrated book on The Tale of Genji just published by Princeton University Press. The English translations of the prose passages are taken from Dennis Washburn’s translation of The Tale of Genji {2015}. The paintings and calligraphy are taken from the Genji Album {1510} which is the oldest dated set of Genji illustrations known to exist. The font size for the text is, sadly, a bit too small for ease of reading.

Combined with thoughtful discussions by Melissa Mccormick of all 54 chapters in The Tale of Genji, this book is a wonderful enriching experience for all readers who marveled in the intricate storyline of this 11th-century masterpiece by the Japanese noblewoman known only as Murasaki Shikibu, not her real name. Besides this book, I would also recommend The Tale of Genji Legends and Paintings by Miyeko Murase published by the British Museum {2001}.

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