Brilliantly written

The Raj Quartet is to British Raj what War and Peace is to Imperial Russia. Both novels explore brilliantly the entire spectrum of the historical, political, social, ethical and culture of their respective societies when narrating what is essentially a love story.

The Raj Quartet by Paul Scott comprises 4 novels: The Jewel in the Crown published in 1966, followed by The Day of the Scorpion {1968}, The Towers of Silence {1971} and A Division of the Spoils {1974}. I first read The Raj Quartet in 2010.

War and Peace was published by Leo Tolstoy in 1869. This translation by Anthony Briggs is highly readable. It does not emphasise literal fidelity. The intent is natural English. {p 1406}. I first read this translation in 2007.

The Raj Quartet was made into a 14-part TV series by Granada Television called The Jewel in the Crown. This series is the best depiction of British Raj besides the movie A Passage to India, adapted from the novel of the same name by EM Forster.

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