Coffee table book – Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Edition: Voyage of Discovery

I first read this in 2004 for the bicentennial celebration of the voyage.

The Lewis and Clark Voyage of Discovery {May 1804 to Dec 1806} is to Americans what Matsuo Basho’s journey to the Deep North {1689 to 1691} is to the Japanese. Both treks inspired future generations to retrace the routes.

This is an illustrated version of the epic journey. The journey was to find an all-water route across the continent from the east to the Pacific Ocean. This bicentennial edition has excellent commentary from Stephen Ambrose, an expert on this historical journey. Ambrose has also included his own experiences on the trail and extracts from the journals kept by Lewis and Clark. Included too are images from National Geographic large format film of the journey.

This handsome production will delight all readers. To have a better appreciation of this epic journey I would recommend readers to read Undaunted Courage Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the American West by Stephen Ambrose and The Journals of Lewis and Clark, abridged by Anthony Brandt published by NG. You may also like to get the DVD on the journey filmed by Ken Burns though the quality of the 1997 film left much to desire.

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