Infectious – Why Read Moby-Dick?

Nathaniel Philbrick

I am posting this review here as I note that the hundreds of reviews linked to this book {the kindle version} are actually on the book Moby-Dick itself.

Reading this book will not convince you to read Moby-Dick, despite its provocative title. But if you have an intent or desire to read Moby-Dick, though you have not done so due to its length, dense and elliptical prose, this book will add to your intent or desire.

PHILBRICK is a wonderful writer. In this slim book he gave us some insights into the life and world of Melville the writer of Moby-Dick, the Nantucket of the 19th century and short caricatures of the key characters in Moby-Dick like Ahab, Ishmael, Starbuck { the name that inspired the name for the famous Seattle coffee chain} and Queequeq.

You will also enjoy this book more if you know the storyline of Moby-Dick, and have read In the heart of the sea that wonderfully written book by PHILBRICK on the true story of the Essex whaleship that was sunk by an infuriated sperm whale about a 1000 miles of the Galapagos Islands, which incident inspired Merville to write Moby-Dick.

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