Jinnah explained – The Sole Spokesman

In this book {first published 1985} Ayesha Jalal analysed the evolution of the demand for a Pakistan by Mohamnad Ali Jinnah and the All-India Muslim League from 1940 to 1947 when an independent Pakistan came into existence on Partition.

Her main focus is to explain: how did a Pakistan come about which fitted the interests of most Muslims in the sub-continent so poorly?

Her analysis is detailed. Her conclusion is that Jinnah never intended to campaign for the Pakistan that eventually came into existence in 1947. Due to forces beyond the control of Jinnah, he never framed his demand for a Pakistan precisely. As a UK trained constitutional lawyer, Jinnah was reluctant to cast his demands in communal terms. (page 242}.

This book will interest readers who want to know more of the formation of Pakistan in general and the role played by Jinnah in particular. Personally, upon finishing this book I believe this book would have conveyed its conclusions better to a reader if Ayesha had summarised the main points of a chapter at the last paragraph of each chapter.

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