Riverting excerpts of an Inquiry – The Amritsar Massacre,1919: General Dyer in the Punjab

As 2019 is the centenary of the Amritsar Massacre , I reread this book which I first read from 25 to 26 June 2006.

Both the Amazon review and synopsis in the website are slightly, but materially, inaccurate. It is therefore necessary to set the record straight. Tim Coates is actually the editor and not the writer. This book is an abridged version of the 1920 publication. It contains in Part one the majority and minority reports from the ” Report of the Hunter Committee appointed by the Government of India to investigate Disturbances in the Punjab, etc. ” The majority report ( page 3 ) is by the Whites in the committee. The minority report ( page 53 ) is by the Indians in the committee. Part 2 ( p 92 )contains the written representation by the perpetrator Brigadier- General Dyer to the British Parliament about the unfair way ( in his view) he was treated by the army in the aftermath of the massacre.

The excerpts make interesting reading, especially to the legally-trained minds. One particularly interesting aspect is General Dyer’s crawling order whereby all Indians were forced to pass on all-fours if they wish to use a particular road where a Miss Sherwood was assaulted and left for dead. I highly recommend this book.

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