Beautifully illustrated – Malta: The Order of St John

This history of the Order of St John is by a German historian called Thomas Freller. Written in the English language it traces the origins of the Order from its time in Jerusalem to Rhodes to Malta.

This book has many colour pictures and illustrations. Besides the history there are also descriptions of the city of Valletta, the various forts in Malta and the Co-cathedral of St John with two famous paintings by Caravaggio. Name the paintings.

This book is clearly a labour of love. The only defect if I can call it a defect, is the convoluted sentence structure adopted by the writer and editor. A more concise and clearer text would greatly enhance this book, which I bought on Boxing day 2019 at the bookstore of the Palace of the Grand Master, Valletta, Malta when visiting the Armoury while on tour in Cyprus and Malta from 21 to 28 Dec 2019.

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