Wonderful martial epic: Three Kingdoms, A Historical Novel: Complete and Unabridged

Iliad The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the epics of Imperial China. It is a grand tale of the fight for the throne by Cao Cao the King of Wei, the King of the State of Sui and the King of Wu. The struggles took place from 220 to 280 AD after the fall of the Eastern Han dynasty. This epic is thus based on true events though certain parts are fictionalised.

This is the complete and unabridged translation. It has 120 chapters with an extensive Afterword and endnotes. A total of 1096 pages. Each chapter is short and very readable. In his 1925 translation of the novel, CH Brewitt-Taylor interpreted the Chinese word yanyi as ‘romance’. Thus, the English-speaking world knows the novel as ‘ Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. Moss Roberts interpreted yanyi as a ‘ historical novel’. So, he dropped the word’ Romance’ from the title! (P 939)

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