An excellent book – Venice: The Biography of a City

This is not a guidebook. This is a history of Venice from its beginning in 500 BC to 1986 AD.

Hibbert is a prolific writer of popular history. This book is part of his trilogy on Italian cities. The other 2 are on Rome and Florence.

Readers who saw how Venice was flooded in 2019 may wonder why the city was built on small islands out in the Lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. The reason is because the earliest inhabitants had fled here to flee the barbarians who were sacking the Roman empire. The shoals and sea would deter the invaders. {see p 4}

There are many illustrations in this book. Readers who love Venice will like this book written in 1988. For an atmospheric book on Venice you should read James Morris book. Later republished as by Jan Morris.

Poser – who was the famous painter of Venice whose paintings were collected by a British King?

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