Beyond Jinnah – Creating a New Medina

Western scholars writing of the creation of Pakistan focus on Jinnah as the leading force for its creation.

This book introduces us to a wider cast of characters who fought for the creation of Pakistan. Dhulipala’s command of the sources is impressive. We learn that the ulamas in UP wanted to create a Pakistan that would be the new Medina of the Islamic world. They joined forces with Jinnah, an English trained barrister and arguably the most successful lawyer in India during his time.

We also learn of the critical role played by Dr Ambedkar. His role in the creation of Pakistan had been overshadowed by his fight for the rights of the untouchables. This book puts him back in the spotlight.

Dhulipala posits that Jinnah and the ulamas of UP were firm in their view to have a separate state for Muslims. His book therefore takes a completely different view from that taken by Ayesha Jalal in The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan.

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