Leonardo and the Last Supper

Why did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus?

{written on Easter Sunday 12 April 2020}

The 4 Gospels each gave their own nuances.

In Mark no reason was given. Judas went to see the chief priests who offered money though the sum was not stated. {Mark 14: 11}

Matthew which basically used Mark as a template but added facts states that Judas himself offered to betray in return for money.  He never stated a particular sum. The sum of 30 pieces of silver was offered by the chief priests {26: 14}.

Luke stated that it was Satan who entered into Judas and caused him to betray. The chief priests agreed to pay him money, but no sum was stated. {Luke 22: 3-6}

In John, it was again stated that Satan caused Judas to betray. No money was given as the motivation {John 13: 2}.

So, if we follow Luke and John, Judas was not a willing betrayer.

The most famous painting of The Last Supper is based on the version in John. An excellent book on this painting is by Ross King. We were fortunate to see it in Milan in 2015 and the Shroud of Turin in Turin which was exhibited after a long absence. You must book online to see The Last Supper as only 25 persons are allowed to see for each session of 15 min.

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