Wonderful book – Emperors’ Treasures: Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei

This is a very good book. The paper and pictures are of a very high quality. The explanation of each painting or artefact is very clear and useful. The 3 introductory essays very useful. From them we know that the greatest collectors were Huizong and Qian Long.

Most pictures have red seals and calligraphic writings on them. These seals and calligraphic writings may not belong to the original painter. Emperors have a tendency to put their seals to denote ownerships. So, you can have a succession of seals. Emperor Qian Long is also fond of writing his thoughts on the paintings. All these seals and writings are helpfully explained in this book.

The treasures in this exhibition are presented with an analysis of their collectors who are seven emperors and one empress.

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