By Lu Xun

Lu Xun is recognised as the preeminent man of letters of modern Chinese literature.

Lu Xun is not his real name. He first used this nom de plume in his famous essay ” Diary of a Madman” published in 1918.

Mao proclaimed him as the Sage of modern China. His prolific output has resulted in many books on and of his writings.

Here are 3 from my library. If you are a beginner, start with Ah Q. Move on to Lamplight which has a curated collection of his best essays. Then to Revolution as this is a very heavy book. Not in weight but in analysis. Revolution is part biography, part history, and part literary analysis. It is centred on the last phase of his life. {1927-1936} {see p5 and 13}.

Poser – why did he adopt the surname Lu? Clue – his beloved mom.

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