A delightful memoir – Come, Tell Me How You Live

This is a slim book by Agatha Christie, unlike her usual crime detective tales. She shows her playful style here. She lets us peep into her live with her new husband after her first husband had an affair and left her.

This delightful short memoir details her time spent beginning 1934 in Beirut, Syria and Iraq accompanying and assisting her husband Max who was excavating for ancient artefacts. They spent 5 seasons excavating.

She began this book pre-World War 2, set it aside during the war years and completed it after the end of war. Published in 1946 this is a playful book with liberal sprinklings of French and Latin.

Her Epilogue written after the war is revealing. She reflects on her time in the Middle East and commented that she loves the gentle people there, their friendly nature. She wished them well and look forward to going back.

Sadly, her return {hypothetically} will not be as warmly welcomed now. The Middle East is now a danger zone for Occidentals due to toxic British and American politics.

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