On the Quran – Understanding the Qur’an: Themes and Style

This is an average book if one is looking for a book that discusses the different viewpoints that exist in respect of what is actually in the Quran.

The author has given his view but, in some matters,, there appears to be a difference in opinion. For example, he said that the order of the chapters/ suras was determined by the Prophet and dismissed the view that the order was mainly according to decreasing length. {page 6}. The latter view was propounded in The Quran A new annotated translation by AJ Droge page xii. A more critical analysis would have greatly enhanced this book.

There is no mention of the virgins or ” heavenly bodies” in heaven in relation to jihad. {p 64- 65}. This is discussed in Misquoting Muhammad by Jonathan AC Brown page 302}

This book discusses water, marriage and divorce, war, and peace etc in the Quran.

So, it is best to see if you are keen on these topics before reading this book or purchasing it.

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