A rambling tale — The Shepherd’s Life A Tale of the Lake District

This memoir of a life spent in a sheep farm in the Lake District with the author ‘s grandpa, dad and now his own family has garnered many superlative reviews from the British establishment.

The time span described is roughly from the 1980s to 2000s though this is not stated expressly by Rebanks.

I am not surprised the elites praised this book as honest, evocative, a classic and a pastoral for the 21st century. This is a life they dream of living in the British countryside but can’t.

As Rebanks said, he had to work as a white-collar professional to pay for his mortgage, expenses etc in order for him to live his shepherd’s life! {page 196}.

Rebanks tells us he was fortunate to enter Oxford. {p139} That paves the way for his rise to a sustainable lifestyle. But this book is short on details and organisation. Do not expect a methodical memoir. The story is rambling. Dip into this book on lazy afternoons. If you delight in knowing how sheep are reared, sheared and how a shepherd lives his life you will enjoy this book.

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