Brilliant biopic — RBG

If you wish to understand all the hype on the late Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg this is an excellent biopic to start with.

She was nominated late in life to the US Supreme Court. She was also not the first choice of Bill Clinton who had chosen other unwilling candidates.

This documentary narrates her life journey. We learn of the struggles of her early years, how her Harvard Law School years were a male oriented domain, her loving husband Marty and children and how American top law firms were equally a male dominated society.

She became a cultural icon these past several years. One suspects this is the initiative and wish of the liberals and the Democrats as the US SUPREME COURT moved more and more to the right under successive US Presidents and the older liberal judges passed away due to age and disease.

One does not really hear or read of her more in her earlier years on the bench for the reasons above. But her fame is deservingly earned. She has fought fearlessly for women rights in the US as an advocate and as a US Supreme Court judge.

I highly recommend this biopic. It is fine, witty and we see her as also a normal person who strives for excellence and to contribute to her family and society. We learn of her great love for opera. I learnt a lot of her myself. Poser —which rapper inspired her moniker Notorious RBG?

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