Excellent history — Churchill and Malta’s War 1939-1943

This is an excellent book on the role played by Malta during World War 2. It is best read after one has walked and smelled Valetta, Malta which I did last Christmas 2019.

Austin has combed the sources and Churchill’s Malta papers, memoirs of the commanders of UK Air and fleet to show us the vital role played by Churchill in sustaining Malta in the face of ferocious air attacks by the Italians and later the Germans.

Austin also showed us the bigger picture on the vital role of Malta. We learned that the ships and aircrafts in Malta were instrumental in attacking the supply ships that were shipping arms and oil to Rommel in Africa. In no small way, Austin shows us, Malta (and the decryption of Enigma} were critical to Montgomery’s success.

We also learned of the naval war in the Mediterranean including the use of U boats.

An excellent book indeed by Austin a Maltese born in Malta in 1934. But if you are not able to read small font, best buy the hardback.

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