Instructions for British Servicemen in France 1944

Bodleian Library

This is a fascinating pamphlet issued in 1944 to British servicemen prior to D – Day.

It was intended to guide Britons’ behaviour towards the French civilians. It was issued to ensure no ill will was caused inadvertently as an occupying army.

It also contains useful information on France and its political system. At 55 pages only, it contains essential guidance enough for the average Tommy to comprehend.

There was another pamphlet issued in 1942  to the American GIs arriving in Britain titled ” Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain”  { see page 11 Sand and Steel A new history of D-day by Peter Caddick – Adams, 2020 published}.

The advice seems hilarious now but necessary then as in 1942 most Americans have not crossed the Pond. Here is an extract on pub behavior.

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