A gem insider’s view — Dealing with China

This book by a former US Treasury Secretary under President George W Bush, and head of Goldman Sachs is worth reading even now.

Paulson’s account of his interactions with Chinese top leaders is instructive and revealing to historians as well as businessmen dealing with China

Paulson’s account is sympathetic and shows a keen awareness of the challenges that faced China. In 3o years from 1978 China had grown to be the world’s second biggest economy from abject poverty. {p xi}.

I like in particular his pen portraits of Zhu Rong Ji, Jiang Ze Min, Deng Xiao Ping, Li Ka Shing, Wang Qi Shan amongst others.

One can learn from Paulson the art of being humble and respectful to connect with people and to get the deal. He reveals the deep hunger to learn on the part of the Chinese.

This is a book to appreciate and look back to a time when both nations prosper together by cooperating with each other. Sadly, the future looks bleak.

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