Letters from Egypt

Florence Nightingale

This is a gem of a book. It contains all the letters by Florence Nightingale to her family from her visit in 1849 to 1850. 

Edited by Anthony Sattin who also illustrated it with paintings and lithographs by David Roberts and others who painted in -situ.

Florence described seeing female slaves (age 10 or 15) been sold in Aswan (Asouan her spelling). (p88). She described her boat been hauled up the 4 cataracts by rope in Asouan. (P 91).

To her, the greatest sight was Abu Simbel (Ipsamboul her spelling). When she visited, the main door was covered by sand and only a gap of 3 feet was open for her to crawl through (p 98).

She talked of visiting Dayr el Bahree (her spelling) but did not mention the Temple of Hapshetsup. This is because it had yet to be discovered. (p129). I have visited Egypt three times.  I shall visit again.

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