Scholarly book – Van Eyck

If there is one piece of art you wish to contemplate this Easter Sunday 2021, the Ghent altarpiece is an excellent choice. It vividly illustrates many facets and phases in the life of Jesus.

Painted by Jan van Eyck (with the collaboration of his brother Hubert van Eyck) it is a huge altarpiece in which every item drawn is related to Biblical theology.

This book was published in 2020 to accompany the largest van Eyck exhibition ever to be held which was supposed to be in 2020 in Ghent.  Due to Covid-19 it was cancelled.

The essays here are scholarly.  The pictures big and captured the brilliant colours of the oil paintings.

Beginners to Van Eyck will however struggle with this book. It is best to start with a basic book or a YouTube documentary that gives the salient facts on van Eyck and the Ghent altarpiece before one attempts this book.

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