The Blood Lust

The murder trial of a beauty queen in 1980 captivated the Malaysian public. 

Readers keen to read up on this most sensational of murder trials should get a copy of Blood Lust by Alex Josey. This is a 2009 reprint of the 1984 book.

23 love letters were produced in court as ‘mens rea’. Unfortunately, only excerpts are reproduced in this book. I recall following the trial closely as a Form 4 student in 1980. The love letters were published in extenso in NST.

Alex Josey (press secretary to LKY) is famous for his 2- volume biography of Lee Kuan Yew. Sadly, this is not one of his better books. The contents are sketchy and do not convey vividly the drama.   Poser-why did the PP fail to secure a conviction?

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