A great judge – Leaves from my Library: An English Anthology

Alfred Denning

This 1986 book by Lord Denning was written at age 86. He was inspired by World War 2 Lord Wavell’s anthology of poetry Other Men’s Flowers. (p v).

Readers with a keen interest in history and literature will delight in reading this book. Lord Denning in his waning years had not lost his considerable intellect.

There are 20 pieces. Each piece is punctuated with extensive commentary, encompassing both historical and social context. He has chosen the WW2 speeches by WSC, England experts by Lord HN, A pound of flesh by WS, A pure woman by Thomas Hardy, The trial of knave by Lewis Carroll, Acts of the Apostles, etc.

This book is a keepsake for lawyers in particular and literature lovers in general.

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