Jinnah: Creator of Pakistan

Hector Bolitho

This biography is a joy to read. Published in 1954 my copy is a 1964 reprint which I bought from Verandah Books UK, booksellers specializing in the Indian Sub- Continent.

Bolitho writes very well. His command of the original sources is superb. It took 2 years to write. Interviewed some 200 people who knew Jinnah. (p ix). His choice of quotations is exquisite and illuminates well the clear legal mind of Jinnah.

Jinnah is not a man into flowery language. (p 13). His language is more English than Urdu. To him, “Failure is a word unknown to me.” Quote – unquote.

His oral exchanges with judges are legendary. (p 17 – 21)

Highly recommended to read besides the biography by Stanley Wolpert.

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