Jinnah of Pakistan

Stanley Wolpert

Pakistan was MA Jinnah’s sole “client” during the last decade of his life.  His beloved pretty wife Ruttie had died much earlier in 1929. (p 104).

In this magnificent biography published in 1984, Wolpert has given us an insightful look into Jinnah.  He interviewed Lord Mountbatten,  Jinnah’s only daughter,  Dina, etc.

Among the many revelations in this well-researched book are: –

Jinnah’s oil portrait hangs over the entrance of Lincoln’s Inn Great Hall and Library in London. (p 3). It was gifted by the Pakistan government in 1965.

Jinnah was Pakistan’s first Governor-General.  He took the post despite knowing Viceroy Lord Mountbatten coverted it.

He declined a knighthood.  (p 87). He was the highest-paid barrister in India. (p 159).

Wolpert has usefully titled each chapter with the year -period covered by each chapter and the names of the cities in relation to the events narrated.

Readers interested to know more about the personal lives of Jinnah and his wife should read Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah, a recent publication.

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