The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

Callum MacDonald

This book sets out the plan and execution of the successful assassination of a key member of Hitler’s inner circle.

The plot was hatched in London and carried out by the exiled Czech government using its own commandos.

The story is told well. Part 1 of the book gives some background of the exiled Czech government. Part 2 explains the planning. Part 3 the operation.

The plan was conceived on 1 Oct 1941. The commandos were airdropped on 28 Dec 1941. The assassination on 27 May 1942.

Ultimately, Heydrich died from wounds sustained during the attack by the 2-man team. The Fuhrer was furious. Reprisals were fast and furious. The entire team with its support were cornered and killed or committed suicide. One team member and a priest turned informers to save themselves. It was futile.

The reprisals convinced the Allies not to attempt further assassination plots. From the military point of view, it serves no purpose.

This book would have been better if there were maps.

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