Excellent book – China in the Age of Xi Jinping

Michael Dillon

This 2021, 763-page book is actually the history of China written in a concise and readable manner. Its emphasis is on the politics from the era of Xi Jinping. Topics covered include the economy, society with chapters on Tibet Xinjiang, HK, and Taiwan. Not included are the dynasties that had ruled China, the Japanese invasion, and the civil war.

I enjoy reading this book.

Michael Dillon has about 50 years of experience dealing with Chinese history. He started in the late 1960s. (p 15)

CCP held its founding conference in a girls’ school in Shanghai from 13-21 July 1921. (p 46).
Because of a lack of records, 1 July 1921 was chosen as the date of the founding of THE CCP. The written records only emerged later. Mao was one of the 12 delegates.

There are excellent pen portraits of the current top two leaders Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang. (P165)
One will come away with a better understanding of China and its political structures. A good book to read. The best book on Xi Jinping to date.

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