Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman

Arvind Nehra

Reviews on this book in Amazon are written on the basis this is a real set of letters written in the British India era from a young Indian judge to an English lady, who had returned to England.

According to his 1st letter to her, he briefly met her one evening at a big party at Government House, Calcutta. (P 7). He had just returned from Cambridge University. (2nd letter).

I doubt these letters are genuine. The publisher in his note alleged they are “satisfied themselves that they are genuine.” No proof is given.

The publisher also alleged these letters ‘ are now printed with the author’s permission.’ I find this strange as it would mean that the Indian judge kept carbon copies of all his letters posted to England. It is even stranger that in his letters he referred to her reply to letters and yet these letters are not published together. One would have thought that would have given a complete record of their correspondence.

While the letters are charming, I am afraid they are the creation of a fertile mind. As this book was published in 1934, the fictional events are of this era.

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