Cameron Highland – Part 2

Searching for solitude.

Tanah Rata town centre and Brinchang are eyesores. They resemble cowboy towns more than quaint colonial hill stations.

Beyond Brinchang is spoilt beyond redemption. Traffic is heavy and at most times of the day are severe jams.

So, for the traveler searching for solitude and a nice quiet piece of Cameron, I would recommend the stretch from the Olde Smokehouse to Mount Vernon bungalow along Tanah Rata Road.

On this stretch are Cameron Highlands Resort, KLK White House bungalow, and Cycle & Carriage bungalow. Opposite these bungalows is the Tanah Rata golf course.

Griddle Road encircling the Tanah Rata golf course is also a nice place for hiking. One can see rustic bungalows like Peace Park, Arcadia, OCBC Sri Sentosa, Fraser and Neave Hope bungalow, and All Souls church.

It is my fervent hope that this stretch remains the same. For the sake of our future generations.

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