Imperial Belvederes: The Hill Stations of Malaya

S. Robert Aiken

This 84 -page book Imperial Belvederes: The hill stations of Malaya by S Robert Aiken are a gem long out of print.

Aiken covers all 4 hill stations of Malaya. The coverage on Penang Hill is extensive. Maxwell’s Hill, Fraser’s Hill, and Cameron Highlands are briefly covered.

This is a pity.

Fraser’s Hill, for example,  has a rich history.  Hopefully,  my good friend Lawrence Chong a long-term resident who calls Silverpark apartments as his pied-a-terre will write a history of Fraser’s Hill soon.

The colour postcards and the old photos are gems. I like in particular the old photos of the rest house at the Gap, Fraser’s Hill c. 1930, Cameron Highlands Hotel, c. 1938 and The Smokehouse Inn, Cameron Highlands c. 1939. (p 66).

I love going to these hill stations. The air is cool and fresh. The verandahs are superb for a lazy afternoon reading while sipping tea. To me, a yearly stay at both Wavertree Bungalow, Fraser’s Hill, and Cameron Highlands resort are so therapeutic.

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