Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming’s Double O 7 books and movies have given many readers as well as cinemagoers years of delight.

On a personal level, I read Bond spy thrillers from age 13 to 16. Here are 3 left behind by my grandpa shop’s tenants.

Ian Fleming

Dr. No was bought by me in 1978 or 79 from an Indian bookshop that used to occupy the ground floor of Straits Trading Building, Jalan Lebuh Pasar, KL.

The entire Bond ecosystem gives rise to an immersive reading and viewing experience. The exotic settings, the memorable villains, not forgetting the beautiful heroine, the exquisite femme fatales, and the memorable sayings “My Name is Bond, James Bond”, and ‘Shaken not Stirred ‘ for his preferred martini cocktail.

Posers- name the first Bond novel and first Bond movie.

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