Bobby Fischer

David Edmonds, John Eidinow, Frank Brady, John Donaldson

Bobby Fischer in my generation inspired many of us to take up chess in school.

I recall the Friday after-school sessions. We even played in school during school vacations.

These 3 books tell Fischer’s life story. He was a child prodigy. His greatest triumph was to defeat Boris Spassky in the legendary FIDE 1972 World Championship.

Donaldson’s book is the latest substantial book published on Fischer. Published in 2020, it contains all the earlier games, some unknown to date. It is strictly for fans who aim for completeness.


1) who is the youngest player who qualified for the Candidate playoff in chess history? To me, this is a better achievement than who is the youngest person who achieved the Grandmaster title. The reason is obvious.

2) Identify this game which Botvinnik claimed to be Fischer’s best win of the 1972 match. Spassky is White and to move. What was the move Spassky missed to draw?

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