Never Forgetting Balik Pulau – Part 1

Josephine Choo

This slim 166-page book on Balik Pulau is written by a local. The text is descriptive. The colour photos are excellent.

Read it for enjoyment. But don’t use it as a guidebook. There is no index. The text needs a good editor. Not because it’s incoherent. But because it lacks proper organisation for, say the Lovely Planet travelers searching for solitude.

Four routes from E and O hotel to Balik Pulau are described. The shortest route is 28 km, 45 min via the Ayer Itam Road. The more picturesque route is via Batu Ferringhi but it’s longer. About 1 hour 10 min on a 38 km road.

Poser why is it called Balik Pulau?

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