Cameron Highlands – Part 4

Richard Bassett

Nothing like starting this memoir of life in Mittel Europa at 7 am 16 degrees Celcius, Cameron Highlands Resort, 23 December 2021.

Travel writing is not my favourite genre unless the writer has a good command of history and layers his narrative of the places visited with historical insights. After all, he is a traveler and not a tourist.

The Last Days in Old Europe by Richard Bassett is a nostalgic recollection of his travels and stays in Trieste 1979, Vienna 1985, and Prague 1989.

His vocabulary is vast and adjectives-laden. This book is a slow burn.

After an invigorating read, it is good to trek on Griddle Road encircling the Tanah Rata golf course.

I used the Strava app to record my trek. It’s a useful app introduced to me by a good friend Lim Soo Peng.

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