Second-hand Bookstores: Penang Hidden Jewel

A visitor to Penang will be delighted to find there are three excellent 2nd hand bookstores in the UNESCO heritage area.

Gerakbudaya Penang is at No. 226 Beach Street. It is owned by a book lover and has an eclectic collection of new and old books. It is not related to Gerakbudaya PJ which specializes in Malayan history.

Areca is a wonderful bookstore on No. 72, Lebuh Acheh, Penang. It’s at the end of Armenian Street in front of the delightful Lebuh Aceh Mosque (Acheen St Mosque) a 19th-century mosque built by the Acehnese.

Nook books and coffee is at No. 4, Halaman Khoo Cheow Teong, George Town. Its landlord puts his books for sale or for browsing while one sips a cup of coffee and chomps on chicken pie.

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