The Datai (Part 3)

A Good morning photo from Datai Langkawi. From the pool and pavilion at the left, a series of cascading steps take you down to the Butterfly Walk with butterflies fluttering around you from ginger plants to plants, luxurious flora and fauna, and to the fine sand beach, 200m below lapping the Andaman Sea.

Dusky Leaf Monkey

Magnificent landscaping on 52 acres of virgin jungle.

On the grounds of Datai primates and nature are in abundance.

I saw a troop of dusky leaf monkeys also called spectacled langur, colugo, or flying lemur sleeping inside a tree trunk with only its eyes betraying its presence and a terrapin or freshwater turtle.

Colugo ( Flying Lemur)


Datai provides 2 free jungle walks, at 8 am and 7 pm. Each is 90 minutes.

Lwh @ Datai Langkawi main block Garden Canopy.
19 to 22 July 2022.

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