The Datai (Part 4)

This resort is a gem. One can spend 3 days on its grounds without the need to venture out.

Two jungle walks are provided complimentary of Datai. The walk at 8 am is on the tarmac road just outside Datai. A naturalist will guide the walk.

The walk at 8 pm is on the grounds of Datai. It’s an amazing walk where you can spot flying lemurs, scorpions, and giant monitors.

In the afternoon you can go for the mangrove swamp walk which is actually on Datai grounds.

In the evening, just relax and enjoy a sundowner by the Andaman Sea.

After dinner, one can adjourn to the lobby to listen to a singer on his piano.

Read a book or see a DVD by Datai naturalist, Irshad Mobarak, titled Discovering Langkawi.

The DVD is marvelous and available at the gift shop. Or just go to the library by the lobby and read the many books there, while listening to the many frogs croaking away in the lotus pond at the lobby.

I have traveled far and wide. I can now say we in Malaysia have a gem in Datai Langkawi.



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