Cameron Highlands 2022 (Part 1)

No year is complete, post-Covid, without a sojourn to Cameron.

A 3-night stay is de rigueur at the Cameron Highlands Resort. This trip brings back fond memories of our purchase of a framed set of butterflies way back in 1998. A good 24 years ago.

I recall an Indian man manning a shop by the Main Road, Tanah Rata. The price was RM250, a big sum then. We were tempted.

Later, on returning to our hotel my wife decided the next day she wanted it. She drove back and negotiated it down to rm 190.

One can now buy such framed butterflies in Central Market, KL for about RM1,000.

It is 24 years since 1998. With a 4% inflation rate, it should cost around RM570 today, but scarcity has driven up the price.

This purchase reminds me that if you like an item, just buy it. Especially when you are on a holiday. It brings back fond memories. Your earning power will soon reach the cost of that item!

Lwh, Cameron Highlands Resort
18 Degrees Celcius.
25 -28 October 2022.

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