Kino’s haul

Alexander V. Pantsov, Tan Twan Eng, Ed Pulford, Cecil Rajendra

I had a great harvest last Saturday.

Not the harvest of souls as in Matthew 13:8. But of 4 excellent books at Kinokuniya.

The House of Doors is the third novel by the acclaimed Penang- born lawyer turned novelist.

This book published last week in May 2023 comes 10 years after his 2nd novel The Garden of Evening Mists, which garnered a slew of awards.

A successful novel can indeed sustain an author for 10 years!

Victorious in Defeat is the third major biography on Chiang Kai Shek published in English.


It came out recently in 2023 after The Generalissimo by Jay Taylor (2009) and Jonathan Fenby’s brilliant Chiang Kai Shek and China he lost (2003).

Bed of Roses is a 2023 reprint of a 2013 biography of Rose Chan by the shipping lawyer cum poet Cecil Rajendra.

Rose Chan is not a beauty, physically. But A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, with an apology to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Mirrorlands is a 2019 book that narrates a land journey along the border between Russia and China from Moscow to Beijing. This book has been widely praised.

Do read one if not all 4 books. They will surely nourish your soul!

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