Karl Schütz, Timothy Brook

Johannes Vermeer’s oeuvre consists of a mere 36 paintings.

But the sheer quality of these paintings resulted in the current exhibition of 28 of his paintings in the Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum being sold out long before it started on 10 Feb 2023. All 450,000 tickets were sold.

Here are 4 books on the mysterious Vermeer.

Jane Jelley, Daniel Arasse, Timothy Brook

Vermeer’s Hat used the objects painted by Vermeer as props in his paintings to illustrate the origins of these props from the far corners of the globe. It demonstrates that would trade started in the 17th century. And Amsterdam was right at the heart of it.

Traces of Vermeer examines the working methods of Vermeer. Did he use the camera obscura to paint?

Vermeer’s Faith in Painting examines the man and his paintings. Not recommended as it’s a tough read.

Vermeer the complete works is an excellent book on all his paintings. Highly recommended.

Poser- who is Vermeer’s contemporary who achieved fame and fortune in his lifetime, unlike Vermeer who died a poor man, his paintings were only bought by a few.

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