Cameron Highlands 2023 – Hidden Gems

The only place to buy The Star and NST is Ramasamy provision shop at Brinchang. It is run by an Indian lady who also owns the shop.

A decent place for meals, breakfast to dinner, is the Golf club upper terrace. Prices are very reasonable.

Jonathan D. Spence

Tsao Yin is a favourite bondservant of Emperor Kang Hsi.

In this magisterial work by Jonathan D Spence, 1966 published, his life is narrated in the context of his interactions with Kang Hsi.

He acquired great wealth as a Textile Commissioner and a Salt Censor.

By the 3rd generation, the wealth had dissipated due to usage and the vagaries of politics.

His grandson Tsao Chan recalled the glory days in his magnum opus Dream of the Red Chamber, an uncompleted novel. It was completed by a close family friend.

Lwh @ Cameron Highlands Resort 27- 30 Aug 2023.

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