Malaysia: The Making of a Nation – Part 2

Cheah Boon Kheng

Malaysia The Making of a Nation was published in 2002.

CBK provides concise pen portraits of our first 4 Prime Ministers as well as on Tun Tan Siew Sin.

His chapter on Tunku Abdul Rahman is interesting and substantial.

It is interesting to read this book now (year 2023) to see whether the views by the author Cheah Boon Kheng are still valid.

CBK cautioned in his book that historians should not set down their analysis of recent events till the dust has settled down.

Any yet, he ended his survey with our 4th PM. He would have done well if he had acted on his own caution and kept his conclusions open.

CBK’s book is a slim 240 – page. It is thought- provoking though those more learned may well question some of his factual statements. In particular, his many statements made without supporting footnotes.

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