Modernizing China: The May Fourth Movement

Robert J. Antony, Sabaree Mitra, James M. Hargett hD

The May Fourth Movement of 1919 is a significant event in the history of Modern China.

Driven mainly by Chinese students, it grew out of the deep concern by the Chinese at the inability of China to resist foreign encroachment on Chinese territory and Chinese rights in the motherland.

It involves a violent rejection of Confucianism and feudalism in favour of science and democracy.

The intent was to modernize China to tackle national humiliation in the hands of the foreign devils.

The trigger for the massive protests by the students in front of Tiananmen (The Gate of Heavenly Peace) was the Chinese government’s insipid response to the Treaty of Versailles decision to allow Japan to retain territories in Shandong that had been surrendered by Germany.

This 2023 book China’s May Fourth Movement is unique in its many Indian contributors. They specialize in Chinese history!

This is a book for the larger library.

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