Storm Clouds Over the Pacific – Part 2

Peter Harmsen

Storm Clouds over the Pacific 1931-1941 by Peter Harmsen is the first volume of a planned trilogy on the war in the East.

Harmsen narrates that Commodore Perry and his officers observed in 1854 that the Japanese they negotiated with has a habit of telling lies with a straight face. There is a mixture of courtesy and hypocrisy. (p 10).

Another trait is to launch an attack prior to a declaration of war. 1n 1894, Japanese cruisers sank a Chinese troop transport without a declaration of war. (p 11]

In 1904, ten Japanese destroyers attacked the Russian base at Port Arthur and declared war the next day. (p 14).

Similarly, the Pearl Harbour attack of 1941 was also launched prior to a declaration of war while its diplomats were negotiating a peace deal in Washington and sipping cocktails with the American negotiators. (p 135).

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