The Sociological Legacy of Fei Xiao Tong

Xiaotong Fei

Fei Xiao Tong is widely recognised as the father of sociology of China.

He gave up medical studies to study sociology. His reason was that a doctor only cures a few when China’s problems in 1920s were massive, affecting hundreds of millions. He felt his expertise in sociology can help China better.

Two others also gave up medicine to pursue different careers to better help China. They are Lu Xun (being a writer) and Sun Yat Sen (as a revolutionary).

This book From the Soil the Foundations of Chinese Society published by Fei in 1947, age 38 is considered the classic text on Chinese society.

He compared Chinese society with western society. His study shows that Chinese society is based on the family unit while western society is based on the self.

One is born into an overlapping network of people. As a child, a husband or wife and friend, Chinese society has evolved rules and rituals to govern each relationship.

Poser- Indian society in contrast is based on the caste system. One is born into a caste. True or false?

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