Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave

Timothy Clark

Hokusai is a famous Japanese artiste who lived till the ripe old age of 89. Born in 1760 he died in 1849.

Most people know him for his famous block colour print titled The Great Wave.

Most do not know that his greatest works were only drawn in his final years i.e., 1820 to 1849. That is age 60 onwards.

These works include The Great Wave / Under the Wave of Kanagawa (1831), Thirty -Six Views of Mt Fuji (1831-1833) and One Hundred Views of Mt Fuji (1834).

[see p 8 and 19 Hokusai Beyond the Great Wave edited by Timothy Clark, 2017 published]

Most also do not know that he did not make much money as a successful artist. He has to ask his pupil Isai to borrow money. (p13). He lives in poverty.

Most do not know that a wood block artist like Hokusai depends on the wood cutter to produce a masterpiece.

Printing with woodblocks was the standard in Japan well into the modern era. (p 34)

This book is magnificently illustrated and annotated. A gem.

Lwh @ Kyoto
13 Nov 2023

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