Uji – Part 1

Murasaki Shikibu

The last 10 chapters of The Tale of Genji are after the death of Prince Genji.

The story continues with the love lives of his son and grandson and three princesses.

The main story is set in Uji, 30 min by train from Kyoto. There are fast known as limited express and normal trains to and from Uji on the Keihan line from Gion.

Uji is a small country town surrounded by hills. Autumn temperature is 9-degree Celsius day time.

Forget about visiting the Tale of Genji Museum unless you have time and money to throw to swine.

No real exhibits, interactive only. Book and souvenir shop are not worth a peek. A huge disappointment.

Lwh @ Uji, Japan.
15 Nov 2023.

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